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Mission Statement and Franchise Description

  Our Franchise Mission

INVIRO (INside enVIROnment) is being offered as a meaningful, relevant, timely Franchise under which to operate a real estate brokerage business.

With the national no call list, rising mortgage rates, increased competition and escalating energy costs, meaningful IMAGE and advertising graphics will become increasingly more important to the successful operation of real estate brokerage business.

INVIRO intends to fill that gap. INVIRO has real meaning for residential, commercial, and property management.

The ‘eye’ makes INVIRO phonetically correct, easy to pronounce and is symbolic of the 'looking process' in buying, selling, leasing or managing real estate.

The franchise purchaser would buy the right to establish, or convert, a brokerage business, using the name, logos and service marks, in a given area based on population size. 

Franchising offers economies of scale for advertising, better recruitment of top brokers, and 'REAL'  meaning for buyers, sellers, and industry.

In short: Start right... End strong! INVIRO offers the real estate industry, and home owners wishing to sell, an excellent 'image' to go with professional real estate services.

Also consider ‘INVIRO commercial’, ‘INVIRO resort’, ‘INVIRO retirement community’, ‘INVIRO property management’ and SOMEDAY maybe ‘INVIRO MARS’. (By definition, unlimited growth)

*       relevant

*       creative

*       meaningful

*       timely

In economics the term, inferior good  refers to a good or service that sells more, as money gets tighter. With rates rising and fuel in short supply, what will you invest in? For our future?


"Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimension."

           - Oliver Wendell Holmes


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